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General Dentistry

The American Dental Association (ADA) identifies the Dentist as a person who helps people to maintain and improve their oral health, quality of life and appearance. Dentist receives a great deal of personal satisfaction by providing an essential community health service and by treating everyone -the healthy, the ill, the young, the elderly and those with special needs.


As Dr. Tamim is a faithful follower to the high standards in the dental practice, he serves the community with his unique general dental practice. Due to his willingness to help, he can even refer patients with limited economical sources to get their treatment totally free of charge in the Dental Schools of UAE and around the world.


Tooth Replacement: Missing tooth or teeth can be replaced with implants or ceramic bridges. With the use of latest advanced materials and gum management techniques we are now able to achieve amazing results bringing back smile and chewing ability exactly like natural teeth.


Gum Reshaping: Gummy smile is a scientific term which means excess gingival growth that looks like low level of gum when talking or smiling. A painless gum lifting can be done in one visit and reshape the level of the gum, then a cosmetic teeth reshaping is done to achieve the perfect smile.


White Fillings: Amalgam (silver) fillings that contain mercury are not anymore used in modern dentistry. At Luxe Dental Clinic, we offer wide range of white fillings avoiding bad taste, late oxidization of amalgam, toxicity of mercury, amalgam tattoo on the gum and ugly appearance.


Fresh Breath Program: Halitosis scientifically means Bad Breath, a small hidden problem which can affect anyone of us causing embarrassment in social situations and could be a reflection of gum disease, tooth decay, bad old restorations, ulcers, dry mouth, diabetes, stomach and lung problems or sometimes even cancers. Dr. Tamim will save no effort to give you back your fresh breath by studying all the dental factors affecting such condition and co-operating with the best physician in the city for medical referrals when needed.


Sport dentistry: Is a branch of dentistry that takes care of prevention and treatment of sport related injuries of the teeth, jaws and TM Joint.

Prevention will be made by making a customized silicon aligner to be worn during the activities to absorb possible trauma. The most important principle in the success of sport dental treatment is early diagnosis. Dr. Tamim advices to visit his office for a checkup after any sport trauma directed to the jaws area.


Neuromuscular Dentistry: Neuromuscular dentistry is a branch in medicine which studies the relation between teeth and bones, muscles, nerves and joint. It is intended to correct a “mal alignment” of the jaw at the temporomandibular joint and produce a balanced bite.


Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is defined as a group of clinical problems that involve the masticatory muscles, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), these problems affect millions of people around the world. It causes headache, joint clicking, neck and shoulder pain, ear ringing, or it might be associated with the grinding habit.


Patient under treatment will benefit from a wide range of treatment methods that will ease their pain, remove the stress factors and keep their dental restorations longer-lasting.


The Unique General Dentistry at Luxe Dental Clinic covers:

  • Normal check up and examination with education to the adults, pregnant women and children.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning with air flow polishing.
  • Cavity protection programs by fluoridation for adult and children
  • Night Guards.
  • High technology Root Canal treatment.
  • All kinds of Minor Oral Surgery: Impacted wisdoms, Cyst removal, Gum surgery and Bone grafting.
  • Implants in association with the high standards institutions in Dubai and Germany.
  • Special Needs and VIPs Dentistry.


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