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Who needs Cosmetic dental treatment?

A white, healthy and perfect smile is no longer a preserve of Superstars, with the new, conservative, quick and painless treatment, Cosmetic Dentistry is now possible for anyone who is unhappy with their teeth appearance.


Will it be obvious that I have had a treatment?

These are according to how much radical the changes are and how close the person who is looking at your smile after the treatment. People who know you well will immediately notice the improvement. Those who had never met you before will just envy you for your perfect smile. Others will notice how good you look, but often find it hard to tell why!


How much can we improve your smile?

Stained, Discolored, Chips, and Cracks
If your teeth has faded or darkened and you have some areas in your teeth that are a little chipped or rounded, then Smile Rejuvenation is the treatment of choice through Teeth Whitening and cosmetic reshaping that will re-bright your smile in only one visit.
Even if your teeth are not suitable for whitening or you wish to get whiter result you may consider porcelain veneers that can solve other cosmetic problems.

Crowded Teeth or Gaps
If you are complaining of crowding or gaps on your teeth and you think it's too late to correct that or the procedure will take long time, well instant orthodontics is the answer. As many adults prefer not to wear braces or the Invisalign® braceless system for a long period of time and looking for instant straightening results they chose instant orthodontic instead. Custom-made porcelain veneers or crowns are used to straighten crowded teeth, reduce protrusion or gaps closure, often in only 2 visits. This procedure has been developed to new levels recently, making surprised, fresh and natural looking smile in a radical and natural tissues conservatively concept. 

Damaged and Missing Teeth
Implants and metal free aesthetic bridges techniques ensure that even with the missing teeth you still have a cosmetic option to be done to restore your smile; moreover if only few teeth are remained in the mouth, we can still rebuild the entire dentition with the best chewing function and perfect look.


Time & Duration

How many visits do I need?

That will depend on what treatment is required after the first consultation visit. Major smile enhancements, including porcelain veneers are usually completed in two appointments approximately six to ten days (teeth preparation visit and final cementation visit).


How long will my new perfect smile last?

In the case of the ceramic units (crowns, veneer, lumineers) we would expect them to last for at least 10 to 15 years. A post-care program is recommended to maintain the oral health of your teeth and gums.



Is it Expensive?

In fact the costs reflect the value of the time taken and the experience of the dentist with the services provided including the quality of instruments and kind of materials used and of course the number of treated teeth. But, you should not worry because with our Affordability Program you can be at ease and choose your payment options. Luxe Dental Clinic is committed to use the dental materials of best quality from high reputed manufacturer in Sweden, Germany and U.S.A


Fees are discussed clearly and openly with our valuable clients. Treatment and payment plan will be discussed during your first visit. Dr.Tamim's many satisfied customers through years of his working experience are giving the best word of mouth to the value of their investment, in most of the cases enhancing quality of life by improving self- image and confidence.



Will it hurt?

We will strive to make the treatment experience as relaxed and stress free as possible by modern techniques concepts. Local anesthesia (when required) can be done with minimum discomfort.


Is there any special care or change in the eating habits following the treatment?

Porcelain veneers and crowns do not discolor or stain, so there is no specific change in your habits BUT please do not use them (even the natural teeth) aggressively like nuts cracking or nail biting. With normal brushing, flossing and regular check up visits to the dental office, things will be perfect.


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