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Creating Your Perfect smile

Why change your smile?

As smile is the first thing others see when you talk, it is the reflection of a personality and an expression to your hidden feelings. A white fresh smile can build a self confidence, improve your entire appearance and a more youthful smile can take years of your look.


If you are unhappy with your smile, if you think that getting the best smile is too late or if you think that time and cost won’t be able to bring you that smile. We invite you to check the following steps that will surprise you.


Smile rejuvenation consultation.

This is the step that we pleasure ourselves in meeting you, listening very carefully to your cosmetic complain, targeting your exact need, and explaining each specific step of our treatment plan using high tech intra oral camera and computer imaging system to design your new smile.


Creating Your Perfect smile.

Most of the new smiles can be done in two visits...

  • Step one: This is the first visit itself, a step where we can discuss and finalize the treatment plan including the new shape and shade of your smile design, making study models impressions and a hygienic session if needed.
  • Step two: It is the step wherein you can be able to see your new smile in a model or 3-Dimensional set-up, decide on it and check the aesthetic points all around.
    All of that without even touching a tooth (you may bring someone dear to have his or her opinion).
  • Step three: This is the working step which can be included in the same visit of step two.
    It is a step wherein we can start working on your teeth, make the necessary preparations, and take impressions for the final fabrication of the ceramic units.  At the end of this step, we will fabricate a copy of your study model temporarily which you can use until you come on your next visit for the final cementation of the units.
  • Step four: After a week, the final ceramic units will be ready. This is the step wherein we do a try in session first with your ceramic units and you’ll be able to see your new smile before the final cementation.

Isn't it the right time to give us a call and accept our invitation for a consultation!

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